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Summer Market Outlook

The 'Introduction' and 'Summary' sections of the report are posted below. The remainder of the publicly-accessible* sections of the complete report will be formated & posted, sometime on Friday July 3rd, incorporating any & all available economic information - up to and including new data releases this week that I want to fully digest and incorporate - including mini 'Case Studies' - illustrating our new COVID-19 SAFETY 1st Protocols and associated methodologies - examining the results of three Guelph / Wellington County properties listed and sold during the month of June.

*Non-publicly-accessible sections include particulars of our proprietary marketing strategies, what-if? contingency planning, and other tools & techniques honed to maximize Clients' net proceeds as Sellers, and achieve real value - financial & quality of life - for Buyers. 

For Sellers that means creating a truly customized action plan focused on maximizing their net proceeds, while at the same time ensuring what can be a very stressful process and experience in the best of times goes smoothly, safely, as stressfree as possible and, of course, is a financial success.

For Buyers, more than ever, this means a likewise rigorous and focused approach to a property search - from setting and continually reviewing/refining/updating its criteria in light of new information on a daily or at least twice-weekly basis. And it means, when faced with the realities of a "Sellers' Market," that it's vital to be ready willing and able to move almost instantly with a credible, compelling offer that doesn't leave any more than necessary on the proverbial table. And the rest is proprietary and leverages our Clients' positions in what is a very challenging - BRUTAL in some segments! - market for Buyers!

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G u e l p h
O  U  T  L  O  O  K

Summer Outlook 2020

presented by

Steve Dawkins
Broker, Realtor
RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc.
1499 Gordon Street
Guelph, Ontario
Canada  N1L 1C9

(Guelph, Ontario) - Published/posted progressively throughout the month of June, 2020.



, that certainly was quite a Spring. 

I'm not talking about real estate directly yet, but rather its socio-economic context, specifically since the final week of March. Even before the novel coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic entered our lives, the general state of affairs here on good ol' planet earth was becoming more and more worrisome on many fronts. 

Home as it is to we homo sapiens and all of our 'subject-species' - pretty much all other living things, which we've either pushed out of our way or worse - pulled into our way and then mercilessly exploited; a violent 'push-me, pull-me' shaking that's already 'advanced' to the point of extinction for most of the planet's species over the past couple of centuries (my daughter and son-in-law gave me Harari's 'Sapiens' trilogy for Christmas, and I highly recommend it, but it's NOT a 'happy read.')

So, with the seemingly irresolvable climate change challenge and its increasingly devastating socio-economic consequences (public health, disease, poverty, etc) already so dire in some of the places on the planet that can LEAST afford & tolerate additional misery and suffering as a 'back-drop,' the results of the American Maladministration's depraved indifference & homicidal mendacity on the coronovirus / COVID-19 'file' have now begun to 'blossom' into a full-blown, gun-and-bombs Trumpastrophe south of the border.

I first began assembling the research materials and identifying the most important sources to follow over these subsequent 8 weeks or so back in the chaotic closing days of March. By the last evening of May, the U.S. cable channels we're already 'round-the-clock' with sad, surreal images of what is looked then to be the pre-quake-tremors of what now threatens to become an imminent a civil/race war

May and June, were certainly months when I found myself being very CONSCIOUS of just how really, truly LUCKY we are to live in Canada - especially those of us further blessed in terms of the 'life lottery' by virtue of simply being born into Canadian Citizenship, or in what may or may not have entailed something to do with some form and degree of actual merit and/or achievement, have personally ACHIEVED) Canadian Citizenship.

On now, more directly, to real estate.  Even a week ago I was concerned that I was going to have to preface this 2020 SUMMER Outlook as being more crystal-ballish than a thorough analysis of the most recently released data has enabled.  Of course, one doesn't have to squint & gaze too far ahead to see there's still a pretty thick fog of uncertainty regarding many key factors & metrics beyond the end of July, and consequently that's where this Outlook is going to be published in two parts, PART I covering the balance of June (ie:   the INTRODUCTION and SUMMARY, and the remaining sections with substantiating links, and other elements to further 'flesh out' the current near-term pictures* to be posted by Friday July 3rd) and PART II, covering August and - to the extent possible at that time - the first half of September, to be appended below on or before Sunday July 19th

Thank you for your interest and for making the time to engage with this report. My Associates and I hope you find it helpful. You can contact me anytime via 

(*'pictures' is plural because even a local real estate market like Guelph is really an aggregated series of distinct, even disparate segments, sectors or sub-markets - depending on who's talking about what, each their own supply & demand curves and an associated set of challenges and - one hopes - opportunities.


SUMMARY Summer Market OUTLOOK 2020

The remaining non-client sections (see * above) of the complete report will be posted sometime on Friday July 30th.

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Thank you for your interest and your time. I hope you find the report useful

If you're not already party to a conflicting Client Representation Agreement or a conflicting Customer Service Agreement, the gang and I are thus able to  to work with you, and the first step both you and we to determine 'if we'd be be a good 'fit' for the Mandate you have in-mind, and the means of doing so is a no-obligation chat via phone, skype, facetime or zoom. 

>>Setting the Stage to Sell in the COVID-19 Era<<  

[ We now have three annotated Case Studies of June listings/sales to review with prospective listing Clients. ]

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P U B L I C  S E R V I C E

If you don't live in Guelph already, I can help fix that.  But if you already do, you shouldalready or are thinking about making a move here, check out, which the gang has developed and is sponsoring, is launching TODAY, Friday July 3rd @ 4:30pm, as a cost-free way for City-regulation-compliant local food, drink & entertainment venues to help boost the season.
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Summer's here - enjoy, be safe, #WearYourMASK when Out & About, and have a good time, we've earned it, yes, but let's NOT get complacent, AND DO Correct your Friends :-) 


Steve Dawkins

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