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Before & After DINING ROOM (Cox Court, South Guelph)

our COVID-19 Safe Listing MethodTM 
Setting the Stage to Sell during the pandemic

Home Staging
is not only what you think it is, and it matters more than ever right now. 

Over the past couple of years - long before COVID-19* invaded our lives, but now all the more so - Home Staging has become increasingly integral to - and sometimes even the central element of - the process of professionally marketing residential real estate.  The term itself is nebulous and has come to mean as many different things as there are people who try to define the term, trade/designation/scope/role(s) that it represents, encompasses and/or underpins.

78 Brentwood Drive, Guelph
Staged Living Room of a Recent Listing, now SOLD (P), 78 Brentwood Drive, Guelph

I consider Home Staging - and am using the term here to mean: the entire project/mandate of envisioning, creating & executing a plan aimed at 'setting the stage' to maximize my Seller's net proceeds from the sale of their property - what they net after all costs, including those associated with the gang who collectively 'produced' the 'pop up' event/sale. And, of course, all of the core functions & elements of expert 'Home Staging' are still very much MUST-DOs if you're not planning to leave a bunch of money on the table, it's just that the COVID-19 considerations interpenetrate and influence - sometimes directing - these kind of 'timeless,' tried-and-true 'tricks-of-the-trade.' 

Guelph 2020 SUMMER Market Outlook
If you haven't already done so, you really should take at least a quick peak at our Guelph Real Estate 2020 SUMMER Outlook before reading on here, as it sets out what we believe the near-term 'context' looks like.

We'll outline a few of the core Best Practices & Methods we've introduced into our business model since mid-May, below.  We followed, studied and ranked the Best (as well as the good, the barely defensible, the bad and, of course, the ugly - what turned out to be the worst) Practices - and the results of both, and everything in-between - as the real estate sector began phased openings in both Italy and France, 6 and 8 weeks respectively ahead on the COVID-curve.  Thanks to Google translate, we were able to track very clear 'lines' of both success and failure as to the Health and Safety consequences of various priorititization mixes, cultural biases and especially the danger of 'media muddle.' 

Of course the root of the latter is the Homicidally Negligent, Mendaciously Hypocrital and 'Useful Kremlin Idiot,' Donald J. Trump, an apex level/degree Malignant Narcissist. It oozes death daily from every rancid, wretched pore of it's being, by downplaying the risk - mocking the idea of wearing masks - casting blame for its epic, still only beginning to cascade Trumpastrophe THAT it alone is largely responsible for creating this Global Pandemic & Public Health Trumpocalypse.

Even a tadpole 'elected' President would have heeded advisor warnings back in December IMMEDIATELY, rather than doing its UTMOST to REFUTE with its sheer and utter 'B.S. buries facts' tactic - because you can't call that a strategy.  A real President of the United States would have worked with the WHO and Chinese officials in Wuhan and the whole thing would have been snuffed out right then and there.  But no, the Killer-In-Chief and his core cadre of fellow sociopaths, pscychopaths and other such creatures that are so greedy and ruthless (did someone just say bone-saw and liquifying acid?!?) that they've long forfeited the right for even them to think of themselves as human. 

Alas, but all that's spilled milk, water under the bridge.  So here's what we - Realtors and home Sellers and Buyers have to do to stop spreading the
 deadly mess those bastards have made of everything, pretty much everywhere.

- Health & Safety, First & Foremost; For prospective sellers who have previously contemplated listing their home at some point during 2020, perhaps having deferred plans to list during the Spring season - or for those who are or were contemplating puting their current home on the market this fall - there are a number of reasons I can outline in a quick phone call, zoom session or, ideally, an in-person conversation - phyiscallly distanced, each of us with appropriate ppe.

- decluttering, including moving outdated or 'worn' furniture, accents, prints and accessories out; this has always been and always will be something that everyone says and thinks they've done, when in actual fact, if they don't want to leave money on the table, the job's usually only half-done, if that.

and last (except for Clients ;-) but not least

- the element or phase of the project that is indeed the 'heart & soul' of Home Staging, bringing in what amounts to a 'curated' melange of 'pieces' to enliven the space - pieces (and it's all about 'pieces,' whether the piece be the 'right' pair of lamps for the night tables in a master bedroom or 'placing' a true "Wow, I love that - can that come with house!?" focal-point print or sculpture, that without a word instantly and simulatenously creates and captures the personality, one could almost say the values that the home projects to prospective buyers.

In a sense, marketing a home optimally at present is essentially a time-compressed 'pop-up' branding make & milk excercise. That's actually a pretty good description of Home Staging in the COVID-19 Era; it's certainly how my wife Maria, our Associates & myself here at the gang practice & deploy the discipline & skill set presently.

We go through a specially-designed checklist with each Seller, and each combination of specific requirements/considerations before a specific array of COVID-19 PROTOCOLS over and above the basic governmental directions, muddily worded and worse, and our Brokerage's additional measures which are a further level/degree of personal saftey for those showing - and being shown - the property.  For what it's worth, I can assure you that no Seller is neutral on whether or not they'd be pleased to see their property become the next 'outbreak' that ends up brutalizing many, and killing some members of their own community.  At least no Seller that we'd be working with. COVID-19 | Safety First SHOWING Protocols

Here is a current listing,, and here are the specific >> COVID-19: SHOWING PROTOCOLS 
<< we arrived at in close consultation with the Sellers. For more information about our approach and the research behind it, please email 

Note to other REALTORS: you are welcome and encouraged to use and share any thing on this page - or that example, above - all for one and one for all in the war [and it IS or will soon BE a WAR] to keep one another, as citizens and human beings, as the new JOB #1.

I for one believe that does not in any way degrade what was formerly such for any and every listing agent: maximize your Seller's Net Proceeds.  Since I started doing this about 7 years ao, it's been that way - until mid-March 2020, and continuing until we have an affordable, globally available vaccine. And nobody knows how far off that day will be. So anybody who is "can't get used to" wearing a mask - or worse - those that have been, but are growing sick of it, and are doing so less frequently - less consistently, letting that guard drift lower and lower.  

Don't be one of those people, and when someone you know starts being one - give 'em a shake, you may just save their life and/or the life or lives of their family and friends, maybe even your own.  #WearYourMask!
Steve Dawkins COVID-19 Safe Real Estate Solutions trailer

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MAXIMUM Exposure = MAXIMUM Results 

Economics 101: increase demand and the price will rise


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