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Steve Dawkins

Steve Dawkins


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Why I Should be Your Realtor®

THANK YOU for visiting, Guelph's Definitive Real Estate Website. Please begin exploring  thee[COVID-19 Safe Listing Method] [Guelph Real Estate SUMMER Outlook] [Client Testimonials[]

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Both Buyers and Sellers will hopefully encounter some new or up-till-now under-appreciated information in our Guelph Real Estate Summer OUTLOOK (Part I was published and posted progressively between the beginning of June and July 10th; Part II likewise between the later date and July 26th, covering August and as far into September as the then-fog permits.) 

Likewise, both prospective Sellers AND current & soon-to-be-seaching prospective Buyers are STRONGLY encouraged to review our COVID19SafeListingMethods webpage to ensure you are on-guard against the 'mixed bag,' to put it mildly/innocuously, of 'Protocols' out there - and REMEMBER, while the 'Protocols' may well be fine - perfect even! - but if these are NOT ENFORCED, or if the Listing Agent misrepresents what will ACTUALLY occur versus what the 'plan' says on paper, then THAT's ACTUALLY WORSE than having NO PROTOCOLS, because of the FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY CREATED/EXACERBATED - that's NOT only NOT 'professional,' that scenario WILL be PROSECUTED in one or more jurisdictions as CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE, potentially even MANSLAUGHTER - so, "Many fellow Realtors out there - STOP doing exactly THAT! - Sooner the better, too - like NOW, perhaps - can you STOP DOING it NOW, BEFORE ANOTHER BUSY WEEKEND of SHOWINGS!?!?  It would be really, really GOOD if you COULD!!  EVERYBODY else in our industry and the general Public would REALLY APPRECIATE IT!"


Besides positioning your listing prominently on this website and on local, regional, national and global REMAX websites (as well as on, your property will have its own url (internet address, such as, in the case of a recent listing, 78 Brentwood Drive, Guelph) which will help market it directly to buyers via such a 'hub' webpage in support of the listing, and otherwise be 'worked' to increase the property's presence online.

Digital/online marketing is a distinctive competence I've been practicing and honing along with the technological advances that enable new and interesting ways & means of communicating to the diverse and demanding online citizen and consumer. This has never been more useful to my clients than during the COVID-19 Era; coupled with our COVID19SafeListingMethod AND our committment to COLLABORATE with you and your family to ensure that any specific suseptiblities, concerns and well-grounded preferences can and WILL be incorporated into what amounts to a custom 'COVID-19 Protocols' document that governs showings and any related activities. 

Our 'Method' is, of course, an array of scientifcally-proven measures - DO's and DON'Ts - based on extensive - and continuing - research that the gang has conducted on what has and has not worked as real estate & related sectors in Europe began to ease restrictions and start re-opening broader sectors of their economies. These regions are 4 to 6 weeks ahead of where we are on the COVID-19 'curve', in this sense/context, here in Ontario.

All of the 'normal' MUST-DOs are still MUST-DOs: 'curator' level staging if & as required - at reasonable rates from a variety of sources which we'll discuss, possibly request & review costed proposals from two or more services in situations where large-scale / entire-house and/or multiple-unit staging is required.  There are a growing number of excellent & affordable such services based in Guelph and throughout the other areas in which I specialize: Centre Wellington and KW-Cambridge, the Tri-Cities.   Once I have a good sense of the home and property, we can select a short list and request costed options for your consideration; usually, I find it comes down to creating a shared sense of how to best 'style' a project, and the effectiveness of the assertion of that style, whether it be a condo-flip or Ward-Reno-And-Sell for an investment property client, a model home for a small in-fill development or a country retreat in Minto, with a renovated old farm house and multiple outbuildings - a shared passion for creating the maximum demand to participate in the battle to buy your property.

The Professional Photographer / iGuide Producer Maria, my wife and business partner in, and I work with consistently delivers interactive virtual tours complete with floor plans as well as intuitive tools and useful widgets - such as the ability for prosptective buyers to measure a particular wall to check if a favourite print would fit.  There are, in total, more than a dozen distinct elements to our COVID-19 Best Practices & Methods - please contact me via at anytime to initiate a no-obligation conversation via phone or Zoom - or best if possible, in-person, physically distanced.

Pomoting and then hosting an interactive LIVE one-hour ViRTUAL OPEN HOUSE on Facebook a day or two after listing day, and then editing and repurposing the recorded footage in whole and parts as subject-specific segments is another element of my COVID-19 Era Best Practices & Methods full-service package for Sellers.  I don't cost any more, but I believe I will make you more money - as my Job#2.  Job#1 is the Health & Safety of everyone involved in the transaction - from you and your family, and of the small team of specialists who will come together for their part(s) of the project and their families back in their homes, as well as the prospective buyers and their Realtors who - after being enticed to a in-person showing - I owe an equal degree of care, to ensure they're both protected by my rigorous COVID-19 Protocols as well as doing my utmost to encourage, faciiltate and ensure that they comport themselves likewise while in your home and on your property.

Leading the process of creating that demand and having everything in place to enable its conversion to a successful sale which has maximized my Seler's net proceeds - that's what I do for my Clients, and its more than a job, gig or business to me.  It's extremely rewarding - especially during such an epic sh*t show that we are all both starring in and staring at -  to be able to help ensure that something as important as the successful sale of one's biggest and most asset goes not only successfully but also with as little ADDITONAL stress & disruption to normal personal and family routines throughout the entire process. 

In short, the gang - Maria, myself, our Associate Realtors and our Associate Stagers - all believe that our proven methods will maximize your net proceeds in the minimium time and it will be clear that our COVID19SafeListingMethod was both the right thing to do, and the right way to maximize your net proceeds from the sale. We promise to be relentlessly effective every step of the way if we are selected and mandated to work with and for you.  And what's more, we'll also do our absolute best to make it - the sale of your home - a positive, relatively low-stress process!  If that sounds like the kind of characters you might like to kick the tires on, 
contact me anytime for a no-obligation meeting in your home, my office, via zoom or phone.  (Testimonials)

Just what IS COVID-19, exactly?  Physical Distancing 101  7 Steps to #StopTheSpread  (this version, one of 3 the gang has produced to-date, is aka


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Together with my team of supporting specialists - financing, insurance, inspection and legal - I will ensure that you secure the property which best suits your needs - at the best possible price.  (Testimonials | Public SchoolsCatholic Schools | Termite Management Areas)

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